Unmasking the Gamers

Unmasking the Gamers” is a gaming interview series aimed at revealing the nature and motivations of people who play video games, particularly looking at how and why these gamers came to be. What do the games we play say about us? Is it more than a mere hobby? And how does the activity influence other facets of our lives?

Starting out initially as a fun conversation with gaming friends, the series has since expanded to include the musings and input of individuals working in the industry. Hopefully, over time, these interviews may provide more of an insight into the lives of video game fans and professionals – what makes them tick, as well as what this promising medium is fully capable of achieving.


The Gamer Series

Brendan Stapley

Andrew James

Cody Winn


The Fallout Series

Tim Cain

Chris Avellone part 1

Chris Avellone part 2

Chris Avellone part 3

J.E. Sawyer

Jason Bergman – Senior Producer, Bethesda

Tagaziel – NMA Administrator