Your Favourite Last Gen Moments

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Originally seen on Galaxy Next Door

With the Xbox One and the PS4 out in almost all markets, we can now officially – and with some sadness amidst the joy – usher in a new ‘current gen’ of gaming consoles. For some of you it may have been a long time coming (and gosh doesn’t 2005 seem like an age ago) and for others it may be too soon, but one thing is for sure: our 360s and PS3s sure got a lot of mileage. So as we embrace these new machines, with many of us perhaps still holding off for for the time being, our trusty old beloved machines clinging on for their dear lives, it’s time to reflect on our favourite moments of the generation now either entering its twilight or, for you lucky ones out there, already passed. Here are some of mine:


– Attending a midnight launch for GTA IV in great anticipation for the first instalment of the series on the next gen (or, well, last gen, now) and being blown away by the graphical detail and huge step up from San Andreas. Sure, the gameplay would begin to show its flaws after a while, but those first 30 or so hours admiring the complexity of Niko Bellic’s character in a much more mature story than had previously been seen, the number of different pedestrian models filling the city, which itself resembled something tangibly real, the dynamic car damage and feeling of varying weight to each vehicle, a whole new world of radio ads and a typically eclectic Rockstar-selected soundtrack, and diving into online multiplayer for the first time in a GTA game, sum up for me a magic moment in the series’ history.

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Modern Warfare 2: A Post-Completion Discussion

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(Spoilers of course.)

It was all over far too soon. With barely a moment to rest or let your guard down to admire the amazing environments and graphical details of the year’s biggest release, the campaign mode of Modern Warfare 2 – whilst inarguably exhilarating from start to finish – wasn’t quite what I was hoping it would be, nor was I as profoundly affected by the controversial airport level as I was building myself up for. The emotional resonance of the original story in the first Modern Warfare, set in current times and grounded (somewhat) in reality, has given way to fantasy in the sequel. By way of comparison, MW2 has pretty much turned into Metal… Read More

Console Superheroes!

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The video game battle has raged on for over 20 years with more and more casualties announced each generation. This time round, who will win the fight?

360 Man

In his former incarnation as just plain old ‘XBox Man’, 360 Man took his time and used his big weapon: connection infrastructures, to plan the perfect moment to enter the console wars. With Master Chief at his side and guns blazing, 360 Man is the current kingpin of all the heroes.


Truly KILLER Apps (including a substantial advantage over PS3 Mecca with his recruitment of third parties), and with the devastating power of the MS network he can summon his many followers (in a non-cultish way of course).


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