The Mathematician

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Geeks slice pi to 5 trillion decimal places


We’ve been around since the beginning

Counting in our heads

Seeing patterns plus foundations

Otherwise ignored or misread


For many the tasks are cumbersome;

Unnecessarily complex

For us, though, the specialty lies

In subtracting what comes next


But honestly the role isn’t without its cons

And even for us the numbers have their weight

Divided away from even the appearance of normality

We function to prove wrong those who negate

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Life Cycle

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It hits me only now that this image I’ve had of my mother, all this time

Has long been affectionately biased by the rosy tint of these youthful eyes


I am now at an age, corresponding closely to that time when she had me

Faced with a similar prospect of our lives changing ever irreversibly


I’ve known her only as my mum, an enriching role model for an only son

It makes me wonder how she was as a young woman and how we would have gotten on


Adulthood is thrust upon us so soon, often catching us unawares:

Not fully ready to undergo that morph into a generation of greying hair

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The Fear

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It’s the fear of seeing my old self

Complete with old ways, thoughts and habits

Taking over my consciousness and current existence of being

Causing me to resort, too easily, to a familiar self-destruction


This demon sees straight through my soul

Picking out casually like grapes my deepest and darkest fears

Exposing my weaknesses to me, displaying them with pride

Showing me the quickest and easiest solutions to all that I deny


I no longer see myself through my own eyes

But rather through those old ones back from some youthful place

The choices I have are those available to that lost and frightened child

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