That Greatest Gaming Achievement of Yours, With or Without Proof

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In this age of professional Starcraft championships and YouTube celebrity, FPS quickscoping montages accompanied by Skrillex tracks, and no shortage of opportunities to share your Candy Crush achievements/desperate-announcements-that-you’re-out-of-lives on Facebook, it’s as if my peak gaming years have passed without me having had a fair shout in the internet fame stakes; modern technology displaying an increasingly annoying trait of making us 80’s kids feel as if we were born in the wrong era.

Had I known that there’d eventually be such riches and celebration in gaming achievement, I may well have considered investing in – never mind all these fancy HD quality capturing devices around now – a camcorder back in the glory years, replicating my best form and well-oiled expertise in Sega Rally and Sonic R on the old blocky Saturn, acquiring proof of all the perfect drifts and overtakes after hours of constant recording and metres upon metres of tape in full 68 cm CRT screen resolution before resolution was even a thing, storing away these precious VHS time capsules of mastery and waiting for 2010 to arrive, whereupon the new generations (and aliens) holding up their smart phones at concerts could worship it, be grateful, and click on ‘Like’.

But instead, as I feel my arthritic fingers creak whilst swearing softly under my breath after another opponent on FIFA either pulls off some outrageous dribble with Cristiano Ronaldo which I am absolutely helpless to defend against, or quits on me before the fulltime whistle as their parents call them to dinner, I can only marvel at the sheer personality and talent of those charismatic Let’s Play video hosts and expert Dark Souls trolls in between compulsive all-nighter YouTube ‘Related Video’ click-fests somehow always ending on Maru the Japanese cat, wondering how things could have been so different had I saved those fleeting yet unforgettable moments of brilliance from Sega Worldwide Soccer that I’m still talking almost three console generations later.
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Beloved Memories of 1up: An observation + contest…

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With the announcement that 1up is shutting down, I’m just reposting here, in case it disappears, one of my favourite memories of the community. An observation out of nowhere turned into a fun contest which received a fantastic response. Thank you everyone for making the site as wonderful as it was.

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I am pleased to be listed as a ‘Popular 1up Blogger’ on the front page of this site: now my life is complete. However something bothers me with the picture next to my name…and I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything but:


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In Memoriam: How The Sims Made Real Life A Bit Less Awkward

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The new Sim City is on the way, revitalised and as graphically updated as you could imagine on current PCs but also lugging along with it other modern day features such as the always-online DRM system. I can’t help but think back to simpler times, when I used to come home from school to play the classic Sim City 200 on my first ever computer (a Pentium 586 133Mhz), marvelling at all the possibilities at one’s mouse cursor tips and stressing out over dropping approval ratings amongst the general populace as I contemplated raising taxes to garner funds for our soon-to-be-exploding power plant. Well, it was either that or selling off nice old houses with backyards and replace them with soulless glass-windowed sky-rise apartments, and cutting the road maintenance budget so as to make rush hour traffic conditions appalling (in which case, welcome to Sydney Australia!). The game marvelled with its detail and flexibility, teaching me more about renewal energy sources than any class at school ever did, and it was all done with 32 mb of RAM back when such a requirement may have meant a big deal – never mind always having to be online, we didn’t even have the friggin‘ internet back then.


Just when it seemed as if Sim City was the ultimate game allowing you to yield tyrannical power over an entire city of your own creation, destroying everything with natural disasters or alien invasions and building it all up from scratch again just for kicks, along came The Sims in the late 90’s which put you in charge of the lives of individuals and hence, granting players an incredible package capable of architectural and interior design, family relations and social interaction, regulation over intestinal function and even an insight into psychology – all via a voyeuristic telescope of sorts that tapped into everyone’s curious (and very, very evil) little imaginations.



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