Poem: I Heart Captain MacMillan

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A serenade to Captain MacMillan from COD4 (or spoken word companion to weird Yoko Ono music):


Those times you spoke were like a dream

Sean Connery and Trainspotting altogether it seemed

Dressed in our ghillie suits and crawling through marsh

You stayed calm under pressure, no matter how harsh


You loved the wild dogs. Oh how you loved them.


“Oi, Suzy” you muttered as you stealth-killed the guard

And entrusted to me a task: the hardest of hard

Variable humidity and wind speed you reminded me not to neglect

As well as taking into account the Coriolis effect


When the chopper crashed and rendered you prone

You covered my back and got on the phone

Backup was coming but it was such a long wait

Camping I was, behind the bumper car gates

As I planted my claymores like a scared little wuss

There you were, shooting, an invincible bush


I salute you Captain MacMillan: the best NPC ever.


Originally seen on 1up.


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This is so good, it should actually be put into the GCSE Anthology!


MacMillan is love. <3

MacMillian is sooooo cooooooool. im gonna ask him to act in my new machinima that i am going to make

Cpt. MacMillan. The best COD soldier ever.

Macmillan is the best npc ever to exist!!!!!!!!!!!!

McMillan is pretty good, but Sgt. Hawkins is WAY better.

Ya know a glitch happens where he and a terriost start shooting at each other and missing lol


DAMMIT he matches my abilities…

Taking tjem out without alerting the rest won’t be but neither is past them. Your call. Topped em. Move up… Hold up. Enemy patrol ahead. Let’s move up for a better view. Beautiful. Bugger! Our covers been blown. (Your actions have gotten Cpt. MacMillan killed.)

Nice poem dude. Macmillan would be proud

:’) thats beautiful man

you are so fucking hot

shooting an invisible bush lol

Just great…

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