A Recollection of Groundhog Day, VHS, and Parental Custody Weekends

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Watch that first step. it’s a doozie.

Whenever the thought of my estranged father enters my mind, it’s not him I see, but aisles upon aisles of VHS tapes for hire at Civic Video.

Our weekends together would start with movies, and they would end with even more movies. We would head into the city on Saturday to catch the latest blockbuster at the cinema – Terminator 2 and Speed were my favourites – and about an hour before I was due back to my mum on Sunday he would drive us to his local video store and allow me to pick one film to take for the road. He’d encourage me to choose any title I wanted, generously including the new release overnighters despite their hefty late return fines and even more ridiculous ‘Buy It Now’ – or rather, ‘If You Lose It’ – prices of several hundred dollars, but I’d always just pick a weekly movie to save him any trouble. Yet for some reason on this occasion, which unbeknownst to me would be the very last time I would see him again, I took my time and went with the flick that had just come out that week: Groundhog Day.


Now writing for The Good Men Project

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Now appearing on Screen Robot

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